Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eco-friendly recycled wool quilt

This warm and comfy quilt is made entirely from recycled materials.
You can play with patterns and textures, make it small or large, muted or funky. It's a fun, creative and inexpensive project.

Several wool sweaters (don't use cotton or synthetics, they won't felt)
A sheet or blanket for the lining
Another sheet or large fabric scrap that will be cut in strips for binding the blanket edges
If you're using a sheet or thin fabric for the lining, you could use quilt batting to make it thicker. I used fleece as my lining so it wasn't necessary.

The number of sweaters you'll need depends on the final size you want for your quilt. Keep in mind they'll shrink a lot when felted.
For a baby quilt like the one in the picture, I used 6 large sweaters.


1. If you don't have enough old sweaters on hand, try garage sales or goodwill.
Don't forget to look through men sweaters, they're usually larger which is good.
Machine wash them in hot water with soap and put them in the dryer.

2. Cut the felted sweater into squares - the size is up to you. They will be easier to combine and sew if they're all the same size.
Of course you can use other shapes if you prefer.
Place the squares on the floor and decide how you'll combine them.

3. Sew the squares together as shown using a zigzag stitch, letting them overlap just a little. Assemble the squares into strips.

4. Sew the strips together using a zigzag stitch.

5. Place your work on top of the lining, wrong sides together. Put your batting in between if you chose to use some.
Pin and assemble by sewing over the zigzag stitches with a straight stitch.
Pinning is important so that both layers remain flat against each other.

6. Edges:
Cut four fabric strips. They should be 6 times larger than your desired binding width and a bit longer than each corresponding blanket edge.
Fold the strips in two and press. Sew the first strip along one edge as shown, on the lining side of the quilt.

7. Fold against the right side, pin and edgestitch as shown. Do the same thing with the opposite edge.

8. Finish with the two remaining edges, folding and sewing the ends as shown.

I used this tutorial as my inspiration.


  1. I linked to this quilt tutorial at http://quilting.craftgossip.com/tutorial-recycled-wool-quilt/2009/06/26/
    Well done!
    Scarlett Burroughs
    Quilting Editor, Craft Gossip

  2. If you need a source for used wool sweaters, there's always Resweater! :)

  3. Looks so warm! I'll have to remember this for the winter!

  4. Recycled material that's a good idea I never thought that beautiful quilt was made of Recycled materials because it seems like new.