Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas stocking for a little girl

Here's a fairytale stocking to give your favorite little princess.


Download the free pattern here and tape it together, joining the crosses and putting the green letters side by side.

Cut the pieces as shown:
1: cut 2
2: cut 2
3: cut 2
4: cut 1
5: cut 10
6: cut 10
You will also need some narrow ribbon and some lace (optional).
Pieces #2, #3 and #5 can be cut in the same fabric if you prefer.
All seam allowances are in red on the pattern and are 1.5cm wide except for piece #4 which is 6mm.

For both sides of the stocking sew piece #2 on piece #1 using a satin stitch or short zigzag.

Sew both pieces #2 right sides together. Do the same for pieces #3 and turn that part inside out.

Sew the lace as shown or finish the hem by folding the edge and topstitching.

Fold piece #4 in two.
Sew 6mm from edge and turn using a safety pin.
Fold the tube in two as shown.

Sew both parts of the stocking together, right side facing wrong side, inserting the folded tube in between the layers (you may align it with the side seam or place it in the middle as shown).
Turn inside out.

Cut five ribbon pieces and place them on the stocking with the flowers (pieces #5 and #6) on top. They may be glued or sewn on.